Forging red-hot iron

When you can see smoke coming out of the chimney of the low brick house by the gate, then you know our ship’s smith, Seppe Lehembre, is at work. If you visit the smithy, you can smell and feel the heat of the furnace, and watch the smith, with great precision and speed, forge beautiful items from red-hot iron.

Our smith has a craft certificate and long experience of working on Norway’s fleet of vintage vessels.

Seppe forges pretty much everything the vessels need, from tools and fittings to bolts, nails and rivets. There are almost no limits to what he can magic up from the smithy.

He mostly works on maritime assignments, but he also has experience from working on decorative projects. As well as making lots of maritime wrought iron items, he has also made wrought iron products for a number of uses, such as various types of railings, special tools, and decorative hooks and hinges. So feel free to tell him your ideas or wishes! Seppe can make all the wrought iron items you need for your sailing ship, house or cabin!

In the past year, the ship’s smith has had major assignments in connection with the restoration of the polar vessels Fram and Gjøa at Fram Museum in Oslo.

The smith also takes responsibility for passing on this tacit knowledge to new generations, through the apprenticeship scheme.


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