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maritime activities

At Hardanger Maritime Centre in Norheimsund, you can hear the sound of craftsmen at work
– and
 enjoy the authentic smells of tar, rope and red-hot forged iron.
Welcome to a living maritime centre!


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Hardanger Maritime Centre in social media

The last few years, we’ve gained a big following through social media. We share videos of the craftsmen working, showing both traditional and modern techniques and processes used in our workshops. 


T.o.m. 28. mai: Man-fre kl 10-15

29. mai - 15. aug: Kvar dag kl. 10-16
16. aug - 28. mai: Tys-fre kl. 10-14

Stengt 13. mai, 17. mai. 21. mai.



Sandvenvegen 50, 5600 Norheimsund

Tlf: 474 79 839

E-post: fartoyvern@hvm.museum.no

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Opening hours

Till and incl. May 28: Mon-Fri 10 AM-3 PM

May 29-Aug 15: All days, 10 AM-4 PM
Aug 16- May 28: Tues-Fri 10 AM-4 PM

Closed May 13, May 17 and May 21. 



Adr: Sandvenvegen 50, Norheimsund

Tel: +47 474 79 839

E-mail: fartoyvern@hvm.museum.no

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