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Rope walk


Making hemp rope by hand. Photo: Vegard Valde

Learn ropemaking in our classes and guided tours. Photo: Lars A. Oma

Making rope from natural fibres

Visit the only active rope walk in Norway

How did they make rope in medieval times? At the rope walk at Hardanger Maritime Centre, you can see for yourself how different kinds of rope are made by hand. Welcome!


Hemp rope and so much more

This is the only active rope walk in use in Norway. Our ropemakers produce rope from:

  • hemp
  • manila hemp
  • cotton
  • coir
  • linden bast (lime tree)
  • horsehair
  • skin and hair


We sell rope of natural fibres

When a rope is made by hand, it is easy to adapt it to its intended use. We advice on what material is suited for your boat or project, and custom make every rope we make.

>>> Pricelist rope (Norwegian)

Our most important customers are those who own old traditional boats and vessels. The centre works on the reconstruction and restoration of these historical vessels. An antiquarian approach is used in projects like this, which means handmade rope is a must in the rigging.
The small boat workshop also produces new, classic traditional boats, and restores old boats that also need rope for thole pins and rigging.


Keeping the craft and skills alive

In 1995, the centre employed its own ropemaker, Anja Hertzberg. She was the first person to have taken a craft certificate as a ropemaker in Norway for more than 40 years. Today we have one ropemaker educated and employed, and an apprantice.

Hardanger Maritime Centre is one of two places in Norway keeping the rope making craft alive.


Workshops and teaching

The ropemakers also hold courses and give lectures at other venues. They often bring a small, mobile rope walk with them so children and adults alike can make their own rope.
 If you want to learn ropemaking at our rope walk, you can sign up for the annual rope making workshop.


Contact us

Ropemaker Sarah Sjøgreen – head of the rope walk

sarah.sjogren@hvm.museum.no / +47 468 45 695