Guided tours and groups

Open workshops – maritime activities

 We offer guided tours for small and large groups

As a visitor, you are welcome to wander around the area, see the exhibitions, make rope or a toy boat or go rowing on the fjord.


Tours & activities offers:
  • Guided tour + Rowing on the fjord
  • Guided tour + Historic film
  • Guided tour + Making rope & toy boats

Let us know  what your needs and interests are, and we’ll make sure to create the best visit for your group.



Groups with 15 or more, per person: 90 NOK (daytime) / 100 NOK (evenings / weekends)

Minimum price for groups: 1350 NOK (daytime) / 1500 NOK (evenings / weekends)


Booking & Info

Contact: Line Kirstine Larsen:

479 74 363 /



NB! Stengt til 14. april grunna lokale smitteverntiltak

Tys-fre kl 10-14


Sandvenvegen 50, 5600 Norheimsund

Tlf: 474 79 839


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Opening hours

Closed till April 14 due to infection control

Sept-April: Tues—Friday, 10 AM—2 PM



Adr: Sandvenvegen 50, Norheimsund

Tel: +47 474 79 839


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