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Hardanger Maritime Centre takes on various kinds of consultancy assignments. This includes inspection of vessels for potential preservation and restoration, development of projects for museums and other institutions that focus on the preservation of boats and vessels.

All the work performed on a protected or listed vessel must take its history into account. Documentation is therefore important, and will form the basis for planning and carrying out restoration projects.
This work is closely related to a function that is called ‘joint services for vessel preservation’. It indicates that the Directorate for Cultural Heritage purchases this function from Hardanger Maritime Centre, and that the work benefits the field of vessel preservation as a whole.

The results of the documentation work are published in reports and books, and disseminated at seminars and in the blog fartoyvern.com. One important element of the work is to find information about how vessels were built, both in general and the specific vessels undergoing restoration. The sources of such information are older craftsmen, archive material, photos, drawings etc.

The craftsmen and women use this documentation during their preparations for working on a vessel. Another task the centre performs is to survey vessels on assignment for official and private customers. Documenting the disassembly and restoration process provides important knowledge, and this material is disseminated in reports etc. The work on compiling a diverse archive of sources (photos, books, drawings, interviews, objects etc.) is ongoing and is of great benefit to the work to preserve vessels.

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