Craftsman education

Are you interested in working as a wooden boat builder, smith or ropemaker?
Hardanger Maritime Centre is an approved apprenticeship enterprise for taking a craft certificate as a wooden boat builder and a journeyman’s certificate as a ropemaker. As an apprentice at the centre, you will be set varied and challenging tasks by experienced teachers.

Read more about the certificates here:

>>> Wooden boat builder
>>> Smith
>>> Ropemaker




Sandvenvegen 50, 5600 Norheimsund

Tlf: 474 79 839



20. juni-16. aug: Kl 10—15, alle dagar
17. aug-1. mai:  Kl 10—14, tys—fre

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Adr: Sandvenvegen 50, Norheimsund

Tel: +47 474 79 839


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June 20-August 16: All days, 10 AM—3 PM
August 17-May 1: Tues—Friday, 10 AM—2 PM


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