Handmade rope of natural fibers

We deliver rope for many different purposes, mainly for for rigging and sail makers on traditional vessels.  You can buy only rope or order the whole rigging done by us. Handmade rope should be used for the rigging of traditional boats. 

Reconstructing riggs and ropes for boats and vessels from earlier times is one of our specialyties.

We also deliver for husbrandry and lassos, for railings and for decoration.

On the ropewalk at Hardanger Maritime Museum you can purchase handmade rope. We have the only working ropewalk in the country. Here we produce handmade rope from hemp, manila, cocoanut, linden fibers and horse hair, among other things. We also produce rope from an artificial hemp (polypropylene). The craft is based upon technology from the Middle Ages, and the ropewalk is 80 meters long. When rope is made by hand, it is easy to adapt it to the intended use. 

In 1995 Hardanger Maritime Museum got its own rope maker. More than 40 years had passed since the last person had been educated in the craft, in Norway. Two other rope makers have been educated at the Center since then, and we are the only place, in Norway, where this traditional trade is kept alive. We deliver to demanding projects like The Viking ship Harald Hårfagre and The Swedish Ship Gothenburg

Our unique source of knowledge about the craft has been used in research, and when the historical use of rope has been documented and reconstructed.

Ingunn Undrum and Sarah Sjøgren are the rope makers at The Hardanger Maritime Center. 

Materials for rope making (attached) 


Additional pictures

  • Banen og Ingunn sin rygg
  • spoler
  • Ingunn grer lin
  • Reipslagarane Carsten Hvitt og Ingunn Undrum ser på strekket i kordelane saman med lærling Sahra Sjøgren, heilt bak.
  • Tau, kveiler og spoler med forskjellige varianter