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About Hardanger Maritime Museum

Hardanger Maritime Museum (HFS - Hardanger fartøyvernsenter) was established in 1984, and started with the rotten sloop, Mathilde. HFS is a part of Hardanger and Voss museum. The centre is a commercial foundation, and is engaged in a broad spectre of crafts, activities and services.

Ship preservation and conservation at the wharf dominates our museum when it comes to space. 
We focus on a variety of maritime crafts:

  • We build new and restore old clinker built small boats in our boatbuilding workshop.
  • You can watch rope making in our ropewalk
  • Iron is beeing formed into tools in our smithy.

All workshops are open for our guests to experience.
Apprenticeships, museum management, camp schools and activities related to tourism are also important activities at the museum.

HFS is one of three national ships preservation centres appointed by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage. HFS owns and operates the Hardanger sloop (one-masted sailboat) Mathilde. The Centre is located in Norheimsund, Hordaland County, some 70 kilometres from the city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway.

It all started with a wild idea off restoring an old ship and sail it with youngsters. It has grown to a tremendous force regarding maritime rehabilitation and history in Norway. It has become a fairytale.  

You can come and be a part of it by experiencing the atmosphere and learn about Norway's international maritime history.


Additional pictures

  • anlegget Nils Kjetil Torvik
  • leikebaatverkstaden
  • Skiftande utstillingar på området som ungane tek i bruk på forskjellig vis. Her nokre unger på Bølger i stein av Johan Audun Hauge.
  • flyfoto
  • snø
  • Ingunn-strekker-i-kordeler
  • Den draumen me ber på ...Per og Liv ror.
  • færinger
  • Peter og nokre av båtane ved fartøyvernsenteret
  • seppe og glødende kringle liggende
  • glødende-skjøt-og-hammer-beskjært